Système lumineux pour vélo (Leds)

The lighting system is available for purchase in our store do not hesitate, adopt the effect Pop'Bike!

What is it ?

The lighting system is very easy to use and offers you multiple possibilities. It consists of several LEDs spread over 4 branches, they even attached to the bike wheel.

Thus, once the bicycle in action, a bright image appears to force the knurled.

Depending on the type of image broadcast, the lighting system gives you 4 to 6 hours of autonomy.

During the day the transcribed image is not very visible, that is why we recommend you use at night or at sunset.

How it works ?

You can also choose to create your playlists of images, it is very simple and very playful.

You will simply scan (QR code) or download the application for manage yourself from your phone (Android or I-phone), hundreds of images available.

To do this your phone must be connected in bluetooth with the lighting system.


In addition, from the application it is possible to import personal images or chosen on the internet, but depending on the format, the quality may suffer.

Do not hesitate, adopt the Pop'Bike effect !!!

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